stupid things women do to keep/have a man

There are things women do that apart from being shocking are just downright stupid. I have to admit It’s a fact that we don’t have it easy, but that is no excuse to indulge in self-destructive behavior. We as women will always be viewed as conniving and cunning when it comes to getting or to keeping what we believe to be ours. Truth be told the methods rarely work and if they do work it’s for a while and the repercussions are immense. One interesting fact is that we rarely learn from others mistakes. Even I can’t keep up with how far women are willing to go most of the times to get what they want.
Here goes;-
Am pregnant!
This technique has been used numerous times by women the world over to get men to commit. Getting intentionally pregnant to stop a guy from leaving is a desperate if not stupid thing to do. Sometimes they use this line to test the guys loyalty or love, which is actually stupid coz if the guy leaves she will have one more burden on her shoulders, the burden of raising a kid on your own. Of course, some pregnancies are unplanned for while others are to be blamed on the guys. Seriously I don’t think women under twenty-five are likely to have a planned pregnancy unless she belongs in the old school way of thinking. So women if you are thinking of trapping a guy with this method, you will find out pretty soon that you will a) lose the guy maybe coz he is not ready to be a dad yet or b) have him marry you but live unhappily ever after. So what is it going to be?
Skin on skin
This is where I start preaching against unsafe sex. Know what I think when I see a pregnant chick walking around campus? It’s not how immoral or how stupid she is, no my head goes, “yap she’s been having unprotected sex”. It’s a fact that women fear being pregnant than contracting HIV. If you promise some that they will not get pregnant they will be willing to do whatever you ask, not giving a thought to the fact that HIV is real. They are willing to put their life at risk just to keep a guy. Taking unplanned pregnancy and HIV into consideration there really is no lesser of two evils if you love yourself. So with women out to get what they think they deserve, I guess the question of abstinence or safe sex is gathering dust somewhere in the human subconscious.
The Test
We all hate tests, at least, most of us do. So you will forgive me for questioning the logic of testing a man just to see how much he loves or cares for you. A pal of mine once had a wager (or was it a dare) with her best friend. The best friend was to seduce her guy and determine if he loved his woman enough not to cheat. Let’s just say that it all ended with the women falling out in a major way, and mistrust developing between the couple. So yeah women will plot to expose a man’s fault and torture him with the truth but forget that the truth is not always as pleasing as they thought. What does it profit you to realize that your guy will fall coz of the temptation you put his way?
Take shit
This is where I speak against violence and emotional blackmail. Most women, at least in Africa, view marriage as the ultimate success story. That’s why unmarried women are treated with less respect than their married counterparts. Having said that I must state an observation I have made, women are willing to do anything for marriage. To stoop so low and do weird things jus to avoid the stigma that comes with not being married or divorced. They’ll stick in a violent marriage, foot the bills(not that am against this) or avoid family and friends. There is that notion that we have to settle for less than we expected if we want a man. The worst thing is when they alienate family as well as friends. I once had a pal who when in a relationship will ignore all her friends. Come the end of the bliss period and she’ll come crawling back. Funny thing is that we were always there for her when she needed us. I have heard of married women ignoring their family, not even going for a visit back home. So are you willing to forsake all, to move hell or high water to fit in? Is it worth it?

10 thoughts on “stupid things women do to keep/have a man

  1. First, forgive my scrutinizing eye, the second paragraph titled “skin on skin”, check this *ones* …….*once*

    Awesome piece but not only women do stupid things to keep “their” men, guys also do really dumb stuff to get/keep women.


  2. There are things women do to Kip there men by being naive giving money to their spouse and they take that for payment wen u ask them they say I don’t owe u it was my payment for fucking u them isnt that male prostitution?


  3. Some women may go as far as trying to buy a mans affection. They find out soon enough that this doesnt work. About being a male prostitute, if the man has been getting freebies in all his relationships then i guess some people may labell him that!


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