Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz's brother bragged about their popularity, prosecutors say

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The news came the same week that two Stoneman students were arrested after they were found with knives, a third after making what were taken as threats on social media, and the brother of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz taken into custody while trespassing on campus. Peterson last month resigned from his post as a Broward County sheriff's deputy after it was revealed that he did not enter the building during Cruz's shooting spree. "I don't know when we all hit the fear button where everything is just an absolute emergency".

Hundreds of Florida high school students headed for Washington on Thursday to take part in a weekend march for gun control organized by fellow teenagers after the massacre at a school in the southern USA state.

When the boy leaned in close to her face, she pulled a 2-inch black knife from her bra, opened it and flashed it at him, according to a report from the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Trespassing is a misdemeanor that usually involves a $25 bond.

Cruz was arrested after being warned numerous times by police to stay off the property.

'Many (parents) kept their children home today.

Gov. Rick Scott ordered the Florida Highway Patrol to station eight troopers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to bolster security at the school where 17 people were shot to death on Valentine's Day.

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Deschamps was scheduled Tuesday to hold a news conference in New York City with her attorney, the well-known lawyer Gloria Allred, about why she took the boys in. The younger brother told cops that he broke into the school because he wanted to "reflect on the school shooting and soak it in".

He did not resist arrest and the report made no mention of any weapons.

One report from October 2013 said Lynda Cruz reported that Zachary was trying to break windows in the house and had "refused to go to bed and was banging on the door after being locked out".

Salter's family attended her hearing Wednesday.

Zachary Cruz said he told Deschamps on the night of the shooting, "I don't want to be alive; I don't want to deal with this stuff". If a judge approves the request, Cruz would be involuntarily hospitalized for a mental-health evaluation and barred from possessing firearms. They shared the same biological mother but had different fathers. Both were adopted at very young ages by Roger and Lynda Cruz, who moved them into their Parkland home. Their father died some years earlier.

She might only be 16, but the self-proclaimed activist says she is going to fight to make sure it doesn't happen again. She raised concerns about Cruz owning a gun and also told police Cruz had once put a gun to the head of his mother and brother. She called 911 on three separate occasions.

"Over the past several weeks, we have received many inquiries regarding our District's efforts to fortify the Marjory Stoneman Douglas campus and expand safety protocols at the school", Superintendent Robert Runcie said in a letter sent to Douglas families.