Parkland victim, UIndy swim recruit would have turned 18 Saturday

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They are now traveling the country with other students from their school to advocate for gun law reform.

But if and when they do need advice or assistance, there are survivors of previous mass shootings and more established groups willing to assist with that education. Student's who survived Tuesday's Great Mills High School shooting in the neighboring state of Maryland is also expected to march alongside Parkland survivors.

"We're not going to stop", Stoneman Douglas senior Skyler Tauman said before boarding a bus bound for the capital.

Ryan Deitsch: Similar situation to David. "I just wanted to take it all in", the 18-year-old told deputies on the footage of his arrest. Should an eight year old have been watching Comedy Central that late at night?

Outside of the Newseum Friday, people were starting to hang banners for the March for Our Lives. There is always truth in comedy.

White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said the administration applauded "the many courageous young Americans" exercising their free-speech rights on Saturday. It is just that simple. "What I wasn't prepared for is how many memories came flooding back".

"While I do not necessarily agree with them, I do hear what they're saying, and I think that's just so incredible to see", Helms said. "They could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn't take action because they all still see these dollar signs". He coordinated vendors and met with police to talk about barricades and security as they expect counter-protesters to bring assault weapons. Like the ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] paper trail. I feel their pain, but if they're going to concentrate on gun control, I think they're wasting their time, ' Pollack told CBS News.

Cameron Kasky: And the Dickey Amendment.

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Lauren lost many friends at school that day. I always watch the news. I like to hear the opposition because I like shutting it down.

The Parkland teens, vocal in their calls for tighter gun restrictions, have emerged as national leaders in the gun control movement. I knew that was a problem. 'The original goals of #NeverAgain was to make one center where we could all be together and grieve and demand change in one spot'. "We want to be safe, not uncomfortable". It is something we should not have to learn about. According to WPBF, prosecutor Sarahnell Murphy said numerous same "red flags" related to his older brother can also apply to Cruz. What was different in your case that spurred such a well-formed and active movement? He also voices support for two Congressional measures which, among other intentions, provide grants for improved school safety training and improve how government agencies update records for gun background checks. As a society we don't look deeply enough into what people's intentions are. "It felt like our school was a community".

They were 'trying to focus on what would get the most people behind us, ' Tarr added. "If I can do anything to help mentor them or help them heal, then that is what I can and should do".

Gonzalez was in class at her school on February 14 when a gunman opened fire, killing 14 students and three staff members. Smith & Wesson is the manufacturer that created the gun that was used in the Parkland shooting. We prepare our signs, we raise them high. We have to keep talking. But she worries about people who can not.

Dana McElroy, an attorney representing the Sun Sentinel and a group of media organizations that pushed for the video's release, said the footage that was made public March 15 "appears to be incomplete, edited and not entirely responsive" to the original request. We are not special; we are not better than anyone else. Hopefully, we can find some common ground and common sense solutions to protect us all. "But it's important not to overlook the tremendous good that's out there".

Ryan: The march is this Saturday. Among the questions facing march organizers and participants will be how to translate this one-day event, regardless of turnout, into meaningful legislative change. Today we march, we fight, we roar. We are not going to shut up.

But he said, "The legislation that we passed ... wouldn't have happened were (it) not for the students and their families".

"America: We are your future". To say they matter.