Donald Trump Scraps Plan to Hire Two Lawyers, Citing Conflicts

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Trump tweeted that reports of lawyers not wanting to represent him are "Fake News."

President Donald Trump will not be hiring two attorneys to advise him on the ongoing Russian Federation probe by the Special Counsel.

President Donald Trump has said that many lawyers and top law firms want to represent him in the Russian Federation case following a shake-up of his legal team. The married pair work together at their namesake law firm.

But beyond that, Ms. Toensing is representing Mark Corallo, who was the spokesman for Mr. Trump's legal team in 2017 before they parted ways.

Sekulow said Trump was "disappointed" that diGenova and Toensing won't be defending him in the special counsel investigation, but "those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the President in other legal matters". But an official close to Trump's team said the president's lawyers couldn't get past the potential problems posed by the firm's work on behalf of Corallo and Sam Clovis, a Trump campaign aide who also has spoken with Mueller's team.

Added Trump: "I am very happy with my existing" attorney team.

"Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer", he also wrote.

Trump has professed satisfaction with his lawyers before, prior to previous shakeups.

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While Sekulow is best know as a defender of religious liberties, he has a strong background in constitutional law, and a key part of Trump's defense will be the constitutional powers and protection of the president.

Dowd's resignation itself came less than two weeks after Trump named him in a tweet and claimed "I am VERY happy with my lawyers".

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating the Trump campaign for months. Two sources told CNN last week that Flood is still under consideration.

Robert Mueller may be wrapping up his obstruction of justice case into Trump.

However, the bill's $1.6bn for border security is not authorized to be used on the imposing concrete wall prototypes Trump recently viewed in California. "We will continue our ongoing representation of the President and our cooperation with the Office of Special Counsel", said Jay Sekulow, counsel to the President. "If I were one of his lawyers, I would insist on a written interview and refuse the in-person interview at all costs".

Trump has spent the last few days railing against the investigation, accusing Mueller of stacking his investigation with political opponents out to bring down the President.

"There is something just odd about this, and I think it's one of the reasons why Mueller's investigation has to continue and why our investigation has to continue".