Sanaa Lathan Denies Biting Beyonce In The Face

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Later in the night, drama-enthusiast Haddish went up to Beyonce at the bar and asked her if she was really bitten.

Speaking to GQ, Haddish says: "There was this actress there that's just, like, doing the mostest". Come here! This bitch-' and snatched him.

Now we can all go back to living and breathing.

Tiffany offered to "beat her ass" but B told her not to, but to enjoy the party instead.

It was only a few months ago when Mo'Nique tweeted "Girls Trip" star Tiffany Haddish to congratulate her on a Netflix deal, despite the "Queens of Comedy" actress' rejecting what she calls a lowball offer of $500,000. Don't do that. That bitch is on drugs. She even told Haddish to "stop dancing".

Chrissy Teigen knows who bit Beyonce on the face but she's not ready to give up the culprit just yet. out of love.

Beyonce, it appears, is keen to forgive and forget as she hasn't discussed the biting incident with her aides.

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Since Haddish leaked her encounter to the press Beyonce, who is known for keeping her private life, friendships and convos on lockdown sublimely snubbed Haddish for her loose lips in the song "Top Off".

And some presented their theories on who might have committed the crime.

In her first interview Tiffany said she had witnessed the singer act possessively when the unidentified actress placed her hand on Jay Z's chest.

Sara Foster and Sanaa Lathan are on the growing list of celebrities that Beyonce fans are convinced bit the singer.

Haddish and Beyoncé shared a smiley selfie that night, but the comedienne has already landed in the wife of Jay-Z's bad books for blabbing about it later. One problem with this theory is that the incident in which Beyonce was said to have been bit did not happen in NY.

Twitter quickly pointed to Sanaa Lathan as the mystery woman, but she has denied being the Bey biter...albeit in an O.J.

"But also know this I will fight for Beyonce", she added. It's clearly been eating at her to get this shocking story out.