Christopher Nolan talks celluloid

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Finally, famed Hollywood director Christopher Nolan (the man who made films like Inception, Intersteller, Dunkirk) kept his date with Mumbai and arrived with his team. On Friday, Christopher Nolan, who is in India with his wife Emma Thomas and children, kicked-off his Mumbai tour with a talk at the plaza of Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai. "With their visit, along with the participation of some of the who's who of our Indian film industry, hopefully, the talk and encouragement of shooting and projecting film in celluloid will start", the IANS quoted Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, the head of Film Heritage Foundation, as saying ahead of Nolan's arrival. Kamal Haasan tweeted, "Met Mr.Christopher Nolan".

Work and love for cinema has brought him to the country. One of the interesting things about celluloid film is also; it really has a very good relationship with the real life; that for me at least, digital doesn't. "We should have the choice of making the film in both the mediums".

Nolan is now in India.

Asked about if he would like to make a film to address any political issue like the way Steven Spielberg did in his film The Post, he maintained: "Well, no I tend to be instinctive to my choices of stories that grabs me". "I want to watch more of them".

"This discussion has risen in the past that why somebody chose to shoot a film in something which is hard and not digital. That proves how people are still interested in experiencing celluloid (films)".

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On the debate between celluloid and digital, Nolan explained that the emphasis is on co-existence.

Speaking about his visit to India, Nolan said: "Here's to learning more from you guys, to looking forward to events over the next couple of days, and learning more about the wonderful film culture that exists in India".

Nolan will be present for the screenings of two of his recent films Oscar-nominated "Dunkirk" and "Interstellar".

He told the media about the major agenda for the round table with the Indian film industry: discussing the availability and feasibility of celluloid, contradicting and alleviating the pessimism surrounding film and promoting preservation and heritage of cinema for the future.