Intel's latest Core i9 processor comes to mobile

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Chip maker Intel has unveiled for the first time Intel Core i9 processor for laptops.

The new Core i9, i7 and i5 processors for laptops are based on the Coffee Lake platform and leverage the 14-nanometer-plus process technology.

Rumors that Intel's first Coffee Lake Core i9 processor would be made for laptops have been around since November past year.

The chips are aimed at fueling the growth of the rapidly expanding PC gaming industry with new laptops that can provide desktop-like gaming performance and virtual reality on the run. However, these powerful processors only supported desktops. Ever since then, the company has increasingly been making custom silicon for its mobile products, including most recently, the GPU found in the Apple A11 Bionic chip shipping in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models.

WiFi is also a big focus for Intel in its 8th-gen Core CPUs, and with the company's Wireless-AC 2×2 160MHz WiFi, Intel says you can reach speeds of up to 1,733 Mbps - faster than a Gigabit ethernet connection.

Intel's announcement didn't end with the Core i9 processor though, newer versions of other processors will also be making their way to laptop devices.

Along with these lovely new Coffee Lake chips, Intel added a support for Optane memory to both the eighth-generation mobile and desktop chips.

Of course the Core i9 has been around for a while now.

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The Intel Optane technology has always been a smart bit of storage accelerating goodness... it's just that in these days of affordable SSDs many PC gamers have already got their Windows installation booting from one.

The Optane-fueled Data Drive Acceleration helps the secondary HDDs by boosting their load times.

So, taking into account all these performance improvements, are you planning to purchase an Intel i9-powered laptop in the near future?

Unlike the U series chips, the new i9 processors are part of the H series of the manufacturer. Indeed, Intel is describing its Core i9 processor as the highest-performance laptop processor it has ever built.

But that's not all that's new for laptops, as there are also some announcements for the U-series, which is the line of processors that you'll find in most ultrabooks and convertibles.

The flagship is closely followed by two Core i5 SKUs, the Core i5-8269U and the Core i5-8259U, both quad-core/eight-thread parts with 6MB of cache.

AMD has its Ryzen platform, which will be upgraded to Ryzen 2 later this year as AMD seeks to keep the pressure on Intel, which as noted is great news for consumers wanting more bang for their buck.