Far Cry 5's Live Action Film Now Available To Watch On YouTube

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Far Cry 5 players can now tuck into the open-world sequel's first live event, developer Ubisoft has announced (via XBA).

Far Cry 5 Well Done Challenge: What are the Rewards for the Live Event?

You'll want to first boot up the game and load up your save.

The first live event for Far Cry 5 is called "Well Done" and its focus is pretty simple. In this case, Hurk is challenging players to kill animals with fire. You'll also earn some Silver Bars as the Far Cry 5 community makes progress on the event; at 150,000 total kills, participants will receive a Flamebearer outfit to wear-and this threshold was passed in less than a day. Instead, you must either rely on fire arrows or use environmental hazards like red barrels to start a fire and hopefully catch a few animals. The catch? You can't use obvious choices such as a flamethrower of molotov cocktail, so you need to get a little more creative.

The Live Events screen tracks both your personal progression and the community's progression. This first event will run from April 3 until April 10, so there is plenty of time to set fire to the fauna.

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Shotgun Loaded with Incendiary Shells: You can buy incendiary shells in any shop if you've unlocked the Black Market perk.

Indeed, even if you consider the politics and actual gameplay-related faults, there is still much to love about Far Cry 5.

Cluster Bombs - some planes in the game drop cluster bombs. From there, bring up the in-game menu (the one with your map, inventory, and so on) and tab over to the Online area.

Alongside the personal goal, there is a community-wide goal for the live event of 250,000 animals killed by fire.