Puigdemont urges Spain to open negotiations over Catalonia

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Following his release on bail from a German prison, Puigdemont also called for the immediate release of other Catalan separatist leaders being held in Spain.

Puigdemont told reporters that he hoped a German court's decision not to extradite him to Spain on charges of rebellion shows that "dialogue is needed" to defuse the political conflict in his home country.

"My plan is to remain in Berlin, it's my residence now until the end of this process", Mr Puidgemont said on Saturday at a hastily organised news conference in the German capital.

"This is what the Catalan economy, society and culture need", Puigdemont said.

But in a blow to the Spanish probe, a northern German state court ruled Thursday that the lack of violence in the Catalan independence bid meant that Puigdemont can't be punished for rebellion under German law.

The court said Thursday that Puigdemont can't be extradited on the main charge Spain is leveling against him, that of rebellion, because the comparable German charge of treason specifies "violence".

Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has left German jail after posting a 75,000-euro ($92,000) payment demanded by a court for his release on bail pending extradition proceedings.

Separatist politicians are considering a second attempt to elect Sanchez after being emboldened by a German court's decision not to extradite Puigdemont.

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The Spanish government has said it would respect the German court's decision.

Ms. Barley claimed that it was now up to Spain to prove that their additional prices against Mr. Puigdemont, which she said "won't even be more easy".

The Schleswig prosecutor's office said Friday that Puigdemont also provided authorities with an address in Germany where he will reside pending a decision in his extradition case.

Puigdemont was detained on a European arrest warrant after entering Germany on March 25.

Misuse of public funds carries a sentence of around eight years at Spain, while a rebellion sentence can hit 30 years.

It wasn't immediately clear when Puigdemont will be released. He was travelling by auto through Germany at the time, from Finland to Belgium, where he has lived since fleeing Spanish justice previous year.

Madrid accuses Puigdemont of rebellion and misuse of public funds in organizing an unauthorized referendum previous year on Catalonia's independence from Spain. The German court said it will consider his extradition on that count.