Police pay gap reveals 10% hourly difference

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It also finds that there is a gender-based wage gap in every single state and the District of Columbia.

The Department of Labor points to occupational segregation as causing much of the pay gap, according to a report on women's pay and the wage gap.

White women in America make about 80 cents for every white male's dollar, while Latina women make 54 cents, and black women make 63 cents, according to the American Association of University Women.

Moreover, women and men at the Microsoft partner are paid "exactly the same" when comparing like-for-like jobs, the firm claimed, adding that 40 per cent and 57 per cent of its board members and management team, respectively, are female. While the Hired report focused primarily on the tech industry, it compared the wage gap in other sectors as well.

Women's medium hourly rate is even further behind at 18.7 per cent lower than men's, which works out as 81p for every £1 that their male counterparts earn.

Sigh. Stats like these are evidence-based reasons why women should use Equal Pay Day - April 10, 2018 - as an impetus to negotiate for fair pay.

If you're undervaluing your accomplishments and falling victim to imposter syndrome (as more than a third of the study respondents said happens frequently to them), you may be asking for less than you are worth in the marketplace. "The study found a 7 percent 'mystery gap, ' in salaries [of men and women].so within a year, that pay inequity starts", Miller said. A big part of that uptick is attributable to women's educational attainment.

"That can affect a woman's wages up to $500,000 in her lifetime - a woman with a college degree that is working in her profession and progressing through the same steps as men", Miller said.

"We can definitely relate to the challenges of not only having one income to live on, but that one income not being as high as that of a man", said Jennifer Risley, maketing manager for The Works.

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Bruce Carnegie-Brown CCMI, who is both CMI president and chairman of insurance market Lloyd's of London, emphasised that "the gender pay gap should not be confused with equal pay".

Employers may believe women aren't as committed to their jobs after they have children, although compensation research firm Payscale found that men actually prioritize family obligations more than women workers.

That pursuit prepares women for more lucrative jobs.

Wage gap consequences extend far beyond a paycheck.

Statewide population data shows that females in Missouri ages 16 and older who work full-time jobs all year won't earn as much as men until 2066, according to a March report by the Institute for Women's Policy Research. And a Black Women's Equal Pay Day on August 7.

Last week, my husband and I were discussing the 20 percent wage gap.

"We know what's good for women, is good for families".

Here in IL, a bill prohibiting employers from asking job applicants or prior employers about their wage and salary histories was approved by the General Assembly past year, only to be vetoed by Gov. Bruce Rauner. And the United Kingdom and Iceland recently adopted laws that require companies to prove that they pay both genders fair wages.