Trump to skip South America summit to focus on Syria

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US Acting Secretary of State John J Sullivan on Wednesday is travelling to Lima, Peru to accompany Vice President Mike Pence at the Eighth Summit of the Americas.

The trip, set to begin on Friday, would have been Trump's first visit to Latin America since taking office, the Washington Post reported. Trump has made a decision to stay home to focus on issues related to an alleged use of chemical weapons recently in Syria.

His travel plans changed after a Saturday night attack on the Syrian town of Douma which killed at least 60 people and injured more than 1,000 others. Syria and Russian Federation have denied there was a chemical weapons attack and have proposed worldwide inspections.

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During that trip, Pence met with the presidents of Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Panama to negotiate trade deals and discuss concerns about Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's regime, which has been described as increasingly dictatorial by the US and Colombia.

Trump is also annoyed that the FBI investigators have raided the office and hotel room of his personal lawyer, which the President said was "disgraceful" of them, although they were just doing their jobs and they do have cause to suspect this lawyer of various wrongdoings. Finally, leaders across the world are taking action on the Assad regime and we'll see this happening over the course of the next couple of weeks. He would not describe the USA response or say when it would come.

The AFP news agency quoted French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux as saying on Tuesday that "if a red line had been crossed, there will be a response", adding that intelligence shared by the French and United States leaders "in theory confirms the use of chemical weapons". He can work on his relationship with South America later, when he can stomach meeting its leaders.