Apple Music has a new chief, and 40 million paid subscribers

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Apple Music is growing at a steady pace, but Apple thinks it can do better with a new leader.

Oliver Schusser has been named head of Apple Music Worldwide, moving up from his London-based role as VP of Apple Music & International Content.

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Schusser, who has led efforts outside the USA related to the App Store, iTunes, iBooks, Podcasts and more, is now the vice president of Apple Music & International Content. Outside the US, he helped in the App Store, iTunes' movies and TV portals, iBooks, Apple Podcasts, and more. A former employee of Bertelsmann, Universal, Napster and Vodafone, Schusser has also been responsible for overseeing label, studio and publisher relations outside the U.S. Apple SVP Eddy Cue announced his promotion in a memo earlier this morning. In the role, he'll aslo oversee Apple's services outside the United States, including the App Store and iTunes. The previous count, released a month ago, showed Apple with 38 million paying Music members, an increase of 2 million (5.6%) from February to March.

It's another milestone for Apple's service, which hit 30 million subscribers in September 2017, although Apple still has a way to go before it tops Spotify's 70 million paid subscribers around the world.