Fortnite's Port-a-Fort grenades and Replay system are now live

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The latest patch for Epic Games' "Fortnite" brings with it a host of fascinating changes and fixes including a port-a-fort grenade that instantly builds a three-floor shelter for players in Battle Royale, and the new replay feature that lets users capture and edit gameplay.

When you switch to another slow-firing weapon now - including the rocket launcher, hand cannon, revolver, tactical shotgun, pump shotgun, heavy shotgun, bolt-action sniper rifle, hunting rifle, and the crossbow - it will take some time for it to be ready to fire.

50v50 v2: Fortnite Battle Royale will get this new Limited Time Mode.

Player outlines and nameplates are visible.

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Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player. These unique costumes and cosmetics are one of the main reasons why Fortnite remains as popular as it is and the developers at Epic Games only appear to be getting more creative. If you're downed too, then you will lose 10 health per tick rather than two like in the standard modes.

Adjustments have also been made to the recently added Guided Missile weapon, reducing its movement speed and maximum turn rate. Epic Games have also posted about this on their official Twitter account, letting players know they're working on it. Remember that the week eight challenges will also drop tomorrow, so check back on Twin Galaxies for a guide to completing them, and if you want to see something truly incredible, watch NoahJ456 rocket ride across the entire Fortnite island.

The biggest change coming in V3.5 is a brand new replay system where your entire match is recorded as play data rather than as a video. Theory, who has been with the team since its formation will apparently be replaced.