Paul Ryan to retire: 'I have given this job everything I have'

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To do so, they would have to pick up at least 23 seats in the 435-member House. After the failed bid, Ryan took over as House speaker in 2015 following John Boehner's retirement.

A separate Republican source close to Ryan, who declined to be named, told CNBC that the committee transferred more than $40 million to the NRCC, meaning that the funds could be used in other ways beyond just helping campaigns. When I took this job, one of my conditions was that we aim high. On the time, he talked about he was "humbled" to be chosen by Romney, calling it the "best honor I've ever been given in my life".

Others, however, claimed Ryan's decision is a sign of "disarray" within Congress. Ryan has had a rocky relationship with President Trump, and condemned Trump's more controversial moves on a number of occasions during the campaign.

"But I have given this job everything".

Ryan, who has had a hard relationship with Trump, thanked the president for giving him the chance to move the GOP ahead.

"He will serve out his full term, run through the tape, and then retire in January".

"I am not going anywhere anytime soon, and let's just leave that thing at that". Rep. Darrell Issa of California told CNN that Ryan told members he promises to be more than a "Sunday dad" and he cited his family as part of his decision. "If I stay, they will only know me as a weekend dad". The tradition is for a speaker to run for re-election and resign after the midterms, setting up a special election in one's home district. He's had frequent clashes with Donald Trump, and their differences - in temperament and policy - continue to be stark.

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"With his retirement announcement, Speaker Paul Ryan becomes the first casualty of the 2018 midterm election", tweeted House Democrat Gerry Connolly.

"We can all read between the lines", said moderate Republican Rep. Charlie Dent from Pennsylvania.

The maneuvering is playing out inside both the Democratic and Republican conferences - because both parties are also competing for control of the House in the 2018 elections. And Hoyer has a loyal following within the Democratic caucus, thanks to years of work getting lawmakers plum committee assignments and votes on legislation. Ryan's departure is a massive win for those fighting for universal healthcare, but it's a reminder that we have to keep fighting for what we believe in every single day. "I have assurances that it's not, because I've been talking to people in the White House about it".

"You have to start with Robin Vos as the one who decides whether or not he runs", said Brandon Scholz, a longtime GOP strategist in the state and former Wisconsin Republican Party executive director.

In December Mr Ryan achieved his cherished goal of overhauling the U.S. tax code, and according to Axios, regarded it as the capstone of his legislative career.

Per the Times, the succession battle for the new Speaker role will likely come down to Steve Scalise (LA), the House majority whip, and Kevin McCarthy (CA), the majority leader...though why either of these men would want the position at this particular political moment is tough to understand.