Janice Dickinson testifies against Bill Cosby in retrial

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NY: A former model Janice Dickinson, the fourth of five accusers, reportedly told a jury on Thursday that Bill Cosby raped her in 1982 after giving her a pill that left her "motionless".

Dickinson said she also went to rehab in 1982 - the same year as the alleged rape in Lake Tahoe - and Cosby called her there, as well as sent her two dozen red roses.

Dickinson, who is now 63, has spoken publicly about her allegations against Cosby in the past, saying that he drugged and raped her when she was 27 years old. When she complained on menstrual cramps, he gave her a little blue pill, which she swallowed, according to her testimony. "His robe opened up, and he smelled like cigars and espresso and his body odour".

She said Cosby flew her first class from Bali, Indonesia, where she was on a modelling job, to the ritzy Lake Tahoe resort in the Sierra Nevada for what she thought would be talks about her career.

"Cosby said, 'I have something for that, ' " Dickinson testified. Cosby "placed me on the sofa on my left side, and he put a pillow under my head and said just relax there", she said. She had dinner with the actor and another man whom she said was a musical director.

She vaguely remembers walking down a hallway of a hotel suite, she said.

She said she wrote about the assault in her 2002 autobiography, but Cosby and his lawyers pressured her and the publisher to remove details. "Today I am on a sworn Bible".

Bill Cosby departs after his sexual assault trial, Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

The criminal charges deal exclusively with Cosby's actions toward Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee who says Cosby drugged and then assaulted her at his home in January 2004.

That case ended in a mistrial when the jury became deadlocked. "I felt anger, was humiliated, disgusted, ashamed". "You told a tale to this jury today that's completely different from what you told in this book", Mesereau said, suggesting Dickinson "lied to get a paycheck" for the memoir.

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Dickinson and Lublin were among five additional accusers who prosecutors called to the stand to show Cosby had a history of drugging and molesting women long before he was charged with violating Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

"See, here's the deal", she said, leaning forward to address the attorney to the stars. I said, 'What are they? The book's ghostwriter, she said, took "poetic license".

Cosby's defense attorneys argued this week that Constand was a con artist obsessed with Cosby's fame and money. "He wasn't the only contender", Dickinson replied of Stallone. He then took her to his hotel room and she began to feel light-headed and struggled to speak. I remember, here was America's dad on top of me, and a happily married man of five children, and I just remember thinking how wrong it was.

The first of the women to testify, Heidi Thomas, told jurors Tuesday that Cosby knocked her out with wine and forced her to perform oral sex in Reno, Nev., in 1984. When he finished the call, she claims he climbed on top of her.

He highlighted the fact Cosby paid Constand a $3.38 million settlement in 2006 to end the civil lawsuit she filed after prosecutors decided in 2005 not to bring criminal charges in the case.

She trusted Cosby as a professional mentor, father figure and respected Temple trustee, she said.

She said prior to her alleged assault, Cosby often invited her to events as he cultivated a friendship with her. And I was really confused because - what I remembered before I went on that couch feeling blurry vision and what I felt. Constand said she blacked out.

During her testimony, Cosby sat hunched over at the end of the defense table.

If convicted of any of the charges at his retrial, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison.

'I wanted to hit him, wanted to punch him in the face, ' said Dickinson, the fourth of five accusers at the comedian's sexual assault retrial.