Yodeling Walmart Kid Mason Ramsey Hits the Stage at Coachella 2018

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Ramsey, from Golconda, Illinois, became a viral sensation last week after a video emerged of the youngster singing in his local Walmart store.

"It was very good, but driving with the driver, letting me go in the back of the limo, that was awesome", Ramsey said.

Coachella is arguably one of the hottest festivals of the year and many artists dream of getting the opportunity to perform there one day.

The must-see act of Coachella 2018's first weekend: The Walmart yodeling kid, Mason Ramsey.

Whethan posted a photo of yodel boy, whose real name is Mason Ramsey, dressed in his iconic cowboy hat, blue jeans, and little red bow tie. Check out a short clip below.

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He was a guest of American DJ Whethan, and he performed on the Sahara stage in front of a huge crowd. Apparently, he delivered this to an audience that included Justin Bieber, as well as your garden variety of discerning festival-goers. A fan snapped a video of them chatting, with Justin telling Mason he was going to "do big things".

If you thought he peaked with his appearance on The Ellen Show on Wednesday, you were wrong.

Mason announced his performance on Twitter Friday. He also performed on "Ellen" earlier this week.

Hold up, everyone. The Walmart yodel boy actually performed at Coachella.