Russian Federation asks Google and Apple to remove Telegram from stores: Ifax

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Russian Federation isn't the only country to take action against the messaging app. Iran is said to be considering a ban on Telegram, arguing that it is transitioning into "an economic platform" that could, by their estimation, damage the rial, Iran's national currency.

This is due to the company's refusal to give Russian state security services the encryption keys to access messages sent using the service. The Russian government had demanded access to the service to track terrorist threats. Though the Russian authorities have instructed all Internet Service Providers in Russia to comply with the court ruling, the court decision could still be appealed within a 30 days period.

On 13 April 2018, the Taganskyi District Court of Moscow upheld Roscomnadzor's claim to block access to Telegram.

Telegram uses both Google and Amazon's services to provide its service to users.

To enforce the ban, Roskomnadzor has blocked millions of IP addresses belonging to servers operated by Google and Amazon, the two US -based tech giants. President Emmanuel Macron famously used Telegram to organise his campaign for the 2017 presidential election a year ago and has reportedly been using it ever since. It also threatened repercussions to VPN providers and other online services which could be used to circumvent the court order.

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However, over the weekend Telegram moved its services onto Amazon and Google's cloud infrastructure, in an attempt to continue serving its customers.

"We identify the IP addresses where the messenger is migrating and are blocking them", he told Vedomosti. ICQ and TamTam have surged in popularity, and in fact Putin internet advisor Herman Klimenko was recommending that Telegram users switch to ICQ before the recent bans took effect.

Roskomnadzor said Tuesday that it had requested for Google and Apple to delete Telegram from their application stores, Interfax reported.

Reuters cites Russian media reports that Roskomnadzor promptly added Telegram to its register of banned websites, but was vague about precisely when service could be interrupted.