Battlefield 5 Might Feature a Battle Royale Mode

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And what will happen to all of them when there will be too many battle royale games around?

If it does perform well in the in-house tests, I could imagine it'll be a part of DICE's typically robust expansion roadmap for the Battlefield games.

Lately, it feels like everyone and their mother wants to get in on the battle royale goodness.

Given that EA has neither named nor detailed "Battlefield V" at this point, and that development studio DICE "won't have [battle royale] ready in time for the initial release", there's plenty of space for speculation over its implementation of the trending format. DICE is certainly capable of achieving this with Battlefield V, and doing so with a game that features the Frostbite Engine could create plenty of opportunities.

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We'll have more on Battlefield 5's battle royale mode when new details about the same are out into the open.

The report, which comes from GamesBeat, mentions that EA DICE, a subsidiary of EA, is testing a battle royale mode for its upcoming Battlefield game.

With its large environments, high consecutive player counts, and comparative wealth of vehicular options, the "Battlefield" franchise would appear to be well placed to explore the battle royale format. So do this mean that it will take on the form of a typical 100-players parachute in with only one person left standing at the end? Well, in their own way both games can pull it off and are going to be very different experiences. The reports are quite interesting since the two series have always kept their game modes and made just minor changes throughout the years. Are you playing any battle royale games? However, rumors have surfaced that it'll come with a battle royale mode.