3.6 magnitude quake hits south of Windsor, Ont.

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If you live in metro Detroit you likely felt the aftershock of an quake Thursday night.

National Weather Service meteorologist Ian Lee says the quake occurred around 8 p.m. Meteorologist David Gurney says earthquakes of the 3.6 magnitude "are rare, but not unheard of" in southeast MI.

The epicenter was actually near Amherstburg, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit.

Geologists say while they are rare in southern MI, they are not unheard of.

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People could apparently feel the earth shake as far away as Detroit though, which shows that this wasn't quite as small as it may appear.

Police departments in Amherstburg and Windsor tweeted Thursday night that there were no reports of damage or injuries as a result of the quake.

For the third time in seven days, a small natural disaster registered near South Hutchinson in Reno County.