Amazon is said to be working on another big bet: home robots

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The Amazon robot that the retail giant is thinking about developing will be a sort of virtual assistant housed in some sort of mechanical exterior.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon has embarked on an ambitious, top-secret plan to build a domestic robot codenamed "Vesta", after the Roman goddess.

The project is being overseen by Amazon's Lab126, which previously developed the Echo voice-activated speaker, Kindle devices, Fire tablets and the ill-fated Fire phone.

People working on the project say that the Vesta robot could serve as a "mobile Alexa" that follows consumers around to parts of their home where they don't have an Alexa-enabled device, Bloomberg noted.

There are a few hints in Amazon's recent engineering hires.

The CEO and the maker of Roomba have admitted that the invention of such a mobile home robot will be important in the future as it would definitely make smart homes more intuitive.

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Finally, he said, companies like Amazon will have to tackle to privacy questions that arise when a robot enters a home and begins collecting data - a more sensitive version of the questions now swirling around tech companies like Facebook. New rumors today claim that Amazon is looking to launch something technophiles have dreamed about for decades: a consumer robot for the home.

If the Vesta project survives, Amazon could begin testing the device in homes in late 2018.

With the advancements in technology in the fields of advanced cameras and artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly plausible for robots to become a norm for home use.

The big question, aside from whether Amazon's robot ambitions ever come to fruition, is how much the Alexa robot will cost.

Are you ready to live with an Alexa robot in your house?

Fire TV and Echo Dots may be among the most popular items Amazon now sells, but Amazon is still just a service that wants to sell you absolutely everything. Sometimes they also work as a personal companion. LG is even getting in on the action, having demonstrated its own CLOi bot, which unfortunately failed several times to respond to its human counterpart. It appears Amazon wants more people to join Zehr's team as it is aggressively ramping up hiring.