Former Cardinals kicker Jay Feely apologizes for gun photo

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Instead of posing for the typical dad-daughter in a prom dress pic, Former NFL kicker Jay Feely made a decision to add his own brand of extra.

Jay Feely, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Jets, posted a picture showing his left arm around his daughter, who is rolling her eyes at her father. There are the heartwarming stories of teens bringing relatives who never got to go to prom as their dates, and adorable tales of teens asking celebrities to prom, as well as slightly less heartwarming posts about girls being slut-shamed by their prom dates based on their dress selection.

Feely tweeted: "Wishing my handsome daughter and her date a great time at prom".

Others defended Feely's picture as a harmless joke, pointing out that the kids agreed to the photo and, judging by their expressions, had some fun with it too.

Feely, who spent 14 years in the National Football League with six teams, explained himself on Sunday, saying, he "did not intend to be insensitive" to gun safety.

On Sunday, however, Feely, a father of four, wrote: "The prom picture I posted was obviously meant to be a joke".

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In Feely's Sunday apology, he explained that his daughter and her boyfriend of more than a year knew he was joking.

He says he takes gun safety seriously and the gun was not loaded.

But not all the reactions here negative.

Feely then decided things were getting a little out of hand, and offered this explanation/apology.

Ex-NFL placekicker Jay Feely would probably have escaped without criticism had he not remained a public figure through his association with CBS Sports.