Amazon is going to release the Fire TV Cube

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What makes the Kids Edition Echo Dot different from previous devices is that is comes with FreeTime, Amazon's parental control feature, which will also be available for full-size Echo devices and the Echo Plus.

Voice-controlled music streaming with multi-room music: Users can listen to music on Echo Spot through its built-in speaker.

With Alexa integration on current Fire TV devices you can search for shows by name, star, genre, and more.

Video calls work between any two Echo Spot devices and also with the Alexa companion app that is available on Android and iOS app stores. You can set up the Echo Spot easily by plugging it and connecting it to the internet. The product will reportedly come with far-field microphones and an integrated speaker, as well as a LED light bar.

Those apart, the Echo Spot will be as good as any Echo devices with the usual functionalities.

Amazon has customised the Echo Spot for the Indian audience.

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The launch of Echo Spot comes just weeks after Google launched its own Google Assistant-based Google Home and Google Home Mini exclusively on Flipkart.

Parental Controls - Use the Parent Dashboard and Alexa app to choose which services and skills kids can use, turn off voice purchasing, and more.

In the leaked image (above) you can see a device that has the same buttons and blue rim of Amazon's Echo speakers, but in a square box. The reduction of the price attains great importance since Amazon has launched Echo Spot at a discounted price of Rs. 10499. However, people close to the project have indicated that the robot will be in a form of a mobile Alexa, and will accompany customers in some sections of theirs homes where they can't access Echo. Echoes with screens, such as the Echo Show or Spot, won't get the feature, however.

The Amazon Echo Spot looks more like a bedside clock and the circular display is capable of displaying a variety of information including the weather update, clock, and also video content. Buy 2 Echo devices for Rs.14,999. Amazon, however, might have a way to bring them together into one. It could very well end up being the flawless streaming and smart speaker combo, though that's unlikely since Amazon risks muddying up its smart speaker lineup with such a device.

The smart speaker market in India is getting exciting.