Another last-mile tweak: Amazon delivering to GM vehicles' trunks

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"If the damage is caused by a delivery and a customer calls, we will make sure it's right", Rohit Shrivastava, general manager of Amazon Key, told the New York Times. On delivery day, the Amazon Key App lets the customer check to ensure they're parked within range of the specified delivery location, provides notifications when the delivery is approaching and when it's been completed, and allows customers to track when their vehicle was unlocked and re-locked.

For now, the service will be broadly useful in cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago, and it's coming to more areas soon.

Amazon Key In-Car gives the Amazon deliveryman access to this function, adding more addresses where packages can be delivered. Afterwards, Amazon will inform customers of who entered the auto when.

As previously reported, a number of parcel carriers and auto makers have already been running in-car delivery services.

The vehicle must be parked in a public location within close vicinity of the address mentioned.

Amazon said it uses "multiple layers of verification" to ensure security of in-car deliveries, which allow for unlocking and relocking of the vehicle and notification via the Amazon Key application. Such a service might appeal to anyone who isn't so keen to unlock their home for a drop-off when they aren't present, or to those who just can't get deliveries at home or to the office for one reason or another.

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Approximately seven million 2015-model-year-or-newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles are equipped with 4G LTE WiFi, a technology where GM leads the industry.

In any event, it will require an app that has significant access to personal information and now property as well.

Amazon Prime customers need to download the Amazon Key app. The delivery person will also have to confirm that the vehicle is securely locked before they leave. Smart access to the home and temperature controlled lockers have been the most popular options. OnStar itself has faced similar questions in the past.

"In-Car delivery is part of Volvo's expanding ecosystem of connected auto functions", said Volvo vehicle USA spokesperson Jim Nichols. That was announced last fall. Despite reminders, the possibility is always there that when the AMZN driver leaves with the package, the auto has left the designated area (something Amazon will know as it has access to the car's location via the connected service on delivery day only).

There was some concern about the hack-proof concept for GM OnStar RemoteLink in 2015, when white hat researcher Samy Kamkar demonstrated the ability to remotely unlock and start cars using the system.