Apple CEO Tim Cook visits White House for Trump meeting

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The contents of the meeting have not been publicly disclosed and it is expected to be closed to the press, but the president said on Twitter Wednesday that trade would be among the topics of discussion. Also not invited were any opposition members of Congress, but Ms. Jackson was a member of the previous administration, where she led the EPA. Sales in the country, however, have slowed throughout the company's most recent fiscal years, which has caused some long-term revenue concerns among investors. Cook has long called for the slash corporate taxes and the tech giant responded to the new law by agreeing to repatriate most of its $252 billion in overseas cash back to the U.S. The president's criticism of Apple about manufacturing its products outside the United States has pressured the Silicon Valley giant to tout its economic impact inside the nation, including by announcing a year ago a $1 billion investment to help boost US manufacturing.

Cook has been critical of some of the administration's policies, including the tariffs. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is headed to Beijing to negotiate on trade in a few days, the White House said on Tuesday.

United States and Chinese officials have been working to resolve the feud between the world's two largest economies.

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Trump has a tense relationship with the U.S. technology industry, based in Democratic strongholds such as California's Silicon Valley and Seattle.

After a rocky start during his election campaign, when Trump urged his supporters to boycott Apple and criticised the company for making its products in China, Cook has become one of his favourite go-to CEOs. It's possible Cook could also bring up issues he and the president are on opposite sides of the table on, including immigration and the environment.