A fine bromance… Trump and Macron

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Macron said the agreement should impose tougher terms on Iran including a settlement in Syria, where it backs President Bashar al Assad. And Macron mixed personal praise and some optimism about Trump with sharp disapproval of United States plans to pull out of treaties it recently joined.

The main topic of his discussions with Trump was the pact to freeze Iran's nuclear program, which the US president has threatened to scrap but France wants to keep in force.

He said: "I listen to what President Trump is saying and it seems to me that he is not very eager to defend it".

As Macron prepared to leave Washington on Wednesday evening, he was not optimistic that his attempts at persuasion had succeeded.

On Iran, he repeated his support for the nuclear trade deal and outlined a four-part solution to Trump's concerns about the deal and Iranian expansionism in the Middle East.

He said he believed USA and French disagreement on the climate issue was "short term", and that "in the long run, we will have to face the same realities".

It was unclear whether Macron made substantial progress in his efforts to prevent Trump from pulling out of the deal.

"What is the meaning of our life if we [are] destroying the planet while sacrificing the future of our children?" the French president asked. However, under the agreement, a nation can not submit its withdrawal until three years after it enters into force for that party - which was November 4, 2016, for the U.S. Therefore, Trump needs to wait until November 4, 2019, to formally request the nation's removal.

Both the United States and France signed the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Programme of Action (JCPOA), he pointed out, adding: "We should not abandon it without something more substantial in its place".

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"They say that with the certain leader of a European country we want to make a decision about a seven-sided agreement", Rouhani said, according to CNBC. "You are the one now who has to preserve and reinvent it".

French President Emmanuel Macron urged the United States to reject fear and isolationism Wednesday and instead embrace the historic bond between the two countries to launch a new era of 21st century leadership and security.

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The French president urged the USA against "closing the door to the world", stating it would not "stop the evolution of the world". "If we do not act with urgency as a global community, I am convinced that the worldwide institutions, including the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, will no longer be able to exercise a mandate and stabilising influence". "We are seeking a supplemental agreement that would in some fashion layer upon it a series of additional rules". Macron said he plans to call Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, to discuss the next steps and a new round of diplomacy. "That is why we can not say we should get rid of it like that", he said. Let us not be naive on one side ...

French President Emmanuel Macron addresses a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, April 25, 2018. "Not now not in five years, not in 10 years, never", he told lawmakers. Minutes after Trump's announcement, Macron tweeted a slogan riffing off of Trump's own campaign rallying cry: "Make our planet great again". Let us not replicate past mistakes in the region.

Trump has frequently called the deal the "worst deal ever".

Macron was speaking as part of his visit to the United States.

So far, Washington has issued licenses covering a period that would allow about one-third of the Airbus deliveries to go ahead.

Macron's spotlight-grabbing, ceremonial state visit is likely to contrast with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's lower-profile working visit to Washington on Friday.