Deadpool Is in Celine Dion's New Music Video

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This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic.

If you're not sobbing right now, you're clearly a robot and should be rounded up and exterminated because robots are scary. But she didn't stop there, as the music video for the song, "Ashes", has been unveiled and, let's just say that it needs to be seen to be believed. Prepare to live breathtaking moments with @deadpoolmovie indoors on May 18.

While one might not usually associate Kentucky native and victor of "The Voice" Jordan Smith with a foul-mouthed anti-hero like Deadpool, Smith has a surprising tie to the upcoming movie featuring the character. He posted it on his Instagram, saying, "Showtime, Mama! Never doubt the power of hard work or the importance of small beginnings".

The first clip has arrived online for the hotly-anticipated superhero sequel Deadpool 2, which sees Deadpool teaming up with Domino in an attempt to take down Cable; watch it below along with a music video for Celine Dion's "Ashes" guest starring the Merc with a Mouth... "That was incredible, that was the most handsome performance I've ever seen in my life!" he tells her - but it's not quite right. We have to do it again.

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According to EW, that doesn't stop the ongoing joke about the Disney movie Frozen that will pop up in Deadpool 2. You're at, like, an 11, we need to get you down to a 5. "Just phone it in!" Are you glad that Celine Dion features on the soundtrack?

Not one to back down, Celine replies with sass: "Listen - this thing only goes to 11".

Guess he's not getting that second take.