Gina Haspel offered to withdraw her nomination as Central Intelligence Agency director on Friday

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After her offer to withdraw, White House aides worked to reassure her that she had the president's support. Furthermore, she's accused of being part of a scheme that destroyed over 100 tapes with footage of the interrogations.

"Those officials said the material was not revelations that have been unearthed in recent months, but the White House wanted to hear Haspel's explanation of it". Rand Paul, said he was against Ms. Haspel's confirmation, but he also said that about newly confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who he later supported.

Haspel feared becoming "the next Ronny Jackson", the White House physician who withdrew his nomination as Veterans Affairs secretary amid questions about alleged misconduct on the job, one official told the Post. The Post said Trump wants Haspel to remain as nominee.

On the other hand are groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which says that she should've stood up from the interrogation clinics afterward.

Some White House officials were concerned by material being raised in questions from Congress, information they were just learning about, according to the USA officials.

Two sources said Haspel participated in a practice session Friday - called a "murder board" - to prepare for the hearing, a sign the nomination was moving forward.

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Only on Saturday afternoon was the White House assured she would not withdraw, the Post quoted the officials as saying.

"She'll be at the hearing Wednesday morning".

Haspel reportedly told the White House she would step aside to avoid a Senate Intelligence Committee's confirmation hearing that could damage the CIA reputation. But others have disputed any characterization of Haspel as some kind of cheerleader of the harsh treatment of detainees and noted that the program was authorized by the president, deemed legal by administration lawyers and briefed to members of Congress. The 33-year-old veteran of the force served most of her career nearly entirely undercover and much of her record is classified. As of Saturday, Haspel has chose to stick with her nomination.

For weeks the Democrats have been calling for Haspel's candidacy to be disqualified because she is known to have waterboarded suspects in Thailand, and also apparently because she was Trump's nominee.

Gina Haspel, quite simply, is one of Trump's most capable and distinguished appointments.