The Face ID in the Apple iPhone X has some issues

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Tech website MacRumours has reported that an internal Apple document has noted that "customers may experience a grayed-out speaker button during phone calls".

Face ID, Apple's sophisticated 3D-sensing face recognition system, is one of the signature features of the iPhone X. It turns out, however, that Face ID isn't flawless and Apple already has instructions for its stores and authorized service providers to fix or replace faulty devices.

IPhone 7 and 7 Plus users have complained to Apple that they can not be heard during phone calls and Facetime sessions due to the update, according to MacRumours.

This new support document from Apple to the service centres has been acquired by the folks at 9to5mac, which explains that the employees should first run a diagnosis to check whether the customer's Face ID issues could be resolved with a rear camera fix.

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Henceforth, Apple seems to be fixing the issue with issuing the service document to the workers in the service centers, which finally describes the proper procedure of conducting identification of their back cameras and trying repairs, even prior to replacing with the newest item. The document instructs employees to run a diagnostic test to detect rear camera issues and if so replace the camera. If it doesn't, then a fix is required. These unexpected bug issues have become tedious for Apple as the company is now refraining itself from pushing out new features and is instead working to improve stability and rectify the existing issues. The Apple iOS 11.3 update, released on 29th March, came with great features and nasty surprises. To get an appointment go to iPhone Repairs & Physical Damage Unable to Hear Through Receiver or Speakers Built-in Speaker Bring In For Repair. The new Battery Health Monitor introduced in this update also was slightly problematic for the battery issues.

One can also contact Apple through email or Phone. The iOS 11.3.1 was severely causing harm to the battery life, charging and heat generation in iPhones.

It's very unlikely to be a hardware issue as Apple's document reads that, the problem is restricted only to devices running iOS 11.3 or newer.