Ken Jeong Halts Stand-Up Show to Aid Audience Member Having a Seizure

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According to witnesses, the "Hangover" actor stopped his show mid-performance with the sole goal of helping the woman who began having a seizure in the third row. A woman had a medical emergency during the show he comes to rescue her. "The timing was very ideal, Ken just jumped from the stage to help", says Holmberg, noting that the woman appeared to be having a seizure.

Not to leave the crowd disappointed, Dr. Ken (which is also a semi-autobiographical series he stars in on ABC) returned onstage to finish his set. During a performance at Stand Up Live, Jeong thought he was being heckled by a woman in the crowd who was actually having a seizure. Ken thinks its heckling, when people are asking for his help.

"He couldn't see what was going on with the lights".

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Jeong is best-known for playing gangster Leslie Chow in the three Hangover films, as well as appearing in the sit-com Community. "We need you!' He realised there was an issue, and he came over".

A representative for Jeong, 48, confirmed the actor and an emergency medical technician in the audience helped the woman until paramedics arrived, reported Fox News in Denver. "It was a moment where time stands still.There was a hush over the room", she told USAToday. An audience member who happened to be an EMT reportedly also stayed with the woman until things were under control.