Gmail gets Snooze and Google Pay support on iOS

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The "Smart Compose" for Gmail is a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI), to help users draft emails from scratch but at a faster pace. Gmail a year ago also introduced Smart Reply on mobile, and rolled it out to desktop last month. You can take a look at the feature in action below.

Smart Compose operates in the background, letting you accept its suggestions or ignore them, so you don't need to change the way you now compose drafts. The Smart Compose feature operates in the background and users can write an email normally while the AI-integration will offer suggestions as they type. "When you see a suggestion that you like, click the tab button to use it". "It can even suggest relevant contextual phrases", Google stated. Google said this will help save time - it can suggest phrases based on context, like "Have a great weekend!" on a Friday.

Smart Compose is more like the predictive text on your smartphone. It's useful for moving less important stuff to when you have time to deal with it and for getting to the much coveted 'inbox zero'.

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Another major new feature is that Google Photos can now recognize documents in pictures, and it will tell the user that it can automatically fix it. If you're in the dead of winter, Smart Compose might suggest "stay warm out there!"

Users must then access the General tab in the settings menu, and scroll down and enable "experimental access". Smart Compose is available for consumers over the next few weeks and for G Suite customers in the coming months.