The Singularity of LeBron James

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With Los Angeles putting itself in a position to make a home run in the 2018 free agency season, fans can't wait if the team can finally land a superstar or two that has eluded the franchise in the recent past.

Tatum's relationship with LeBron goes back even further than that tweet, with Hughes taking Tatum to Cavs practice with him when Tatum was just 8 years old. Combine that with the fact that he's a perimeter player and it makes that accomplishment the more impressive.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird both retired before hitting the 15-season mark. The first students eligible for the scholarships will be the graduating class of 2021, and James is quoted as saying that he truly believes in the kids' futures. Without him on the roster, James has upped his usage in isolation, in the post and as the ball handler in pick-and-rolls. Every player out here can have one good week and blow away the field. The debate over who is the greatest of all-time comes down to Michael Jordan and LeBron. He had 10 scoring titles as opposed to LeBron only having one.

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Former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin said Cavs superstar LeBron James was telling Toronto Raptors players how to run their own plays during the team's second-round sweep in the 2017 National Basketball Association playoffs. Jordan had to go finish at the rim over the best group of bigs that have ever played our game, in his era: Patrick Ewing, Hakeem [Olajuwon], Dikembe [Mutombo] - he had to go finish at the rim over all those guys.

According to ESPN, it's the most James has been responsible for in a single game in his postseason career. In that game, Tatum put up 25 points, four assists, and three rebounds in 39 minutes of action. They move on thanks to Al Horford, the omnipresent veteran, and a flock of youngsters who refuse to wait on the future. And I remember saying, 'Oh this is not good.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, who had fallen down 0-2 in the series against the Eastern Conference powerhouse Detroit Pistons, had come back to tie the series at two apiece and came back to Detroit for the pivotal Game 5.