Palestinians: 15-year Old Dies of Wounds Sustained in Gaza Border Protest

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Further protests are planned on what Palestinians regard as their "day of shame", which coincides with Israeli independence day in the Gregorian calendar. It says seven of the 49 protesters hit by Israeli fire Friday were in serious condition and that dozens of others were overcome by tear gas inhalation. He said the military was doubling its troops along the border in advance of this week's protests and that Israel would not allow the area to become an active combat zone. It has stuck to its open-fire policies, such as targeting "main instigators" and those approaching the fence, despite growing global criticism.

Friday's protest comes just three days ahead of what the Hamas leader of Gaza says will be a march by tens of thousands who could burst through the border fence into Israel. Rights group say the use of potentially lethal force against unarmed protesters is unlawful.

The incursion took place during the "Great March of Return" protest which Palestinians have organised every Friday for six-weeks on Gaza's border with Israel. The protests, driven by despair among Gaza's 2 million people, are part of a campaign to break the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt after the Islamic militant Hamas overran Gaza in 2007.

There are growing concerns that if Israel and Hamas dig in, a widespread border breach in coming days could lead to large numbers of casualties.

The strikes also came as Israeli firefighters worked to put out brush fires sparked by fire-bomb bearing kites sent over the Gaza border toward Israel.

Another large-scale protest is planned for Tuesday, when Palestinians mark their "nakba", or catastrophe, referring to their mass uprooting during the Mideast war over Israel's 1948 creation. The Palestinians demand this right not only for those of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are still alive - a figure estimated in the low tens of thousands - but also for their descendants, who number in the millions.

It was unclear to some Gaza residents why the demostrators chose to attack the terminal.

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From the camps, smaller groups moved closer to the fence.

The footage shows tires being burned, reportedly to throw up thick, black smoke to obscure the views of snipers.

"The detection of the tunnel and its demolition is part of the ongoing effort to thwart the underground terror by Gaza-based terror groups headed by the Palestinian terror group Hamas", the military said, adding that the operation was part of increased efforts to detect tunnels using advanced technological means.

The ministry said that the positions of Hungary, Romani and the Czech Republic contradict the European Union policy and their action against such a statement is "a clear breach of worldwide law, United Nations resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and the human rights principles", adding that it encourages the "Israeli occupation authorities to continue violating global law".

In recent weeks, soldiers have fired from behind sand berms.

The Palestinian National Committee said it was "surprised by the non-deliberate and unfortunate incident that damaged property" at Kerem Shalom and called on Palestinians to preserve the crossings.