Gotham is Releasing One More Season!

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Slated for 13 episodes, the next season will also be the final season of the show and see billionaire Bruce Wayne finally become Batman.

While previous seasons ran for 22 episodes each, Gotham's fifth will be a shortened 13-episode run scheduled to debut midway through the 2018-2019 TV season. "Good work guys. #gothamseasonfive", McKenzie said on Twitter Sunday after Gotham was renewed. FOX dropped Lucifer like a hot potato, surprising everyone, andLucifer's numbers are a lot better than Gotham's are. Here's what the producers had to say about the upcoming season.

The decision to axe Gotham comes without surprise since the televisions series has been on a continuous decline since the second season. At that time, David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne was a fairly small but key part of the ensemble, but as the show evolved Bruce came more to the forefront. Indeed, syndication can be a lucrative venture, and no doubt Warner Bros.

Earlier this year, Fox Chairman Gary Newman rolled up to the Innovative TV Conference in Jerusalem to chat about the potential for Gotham to return.

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The fourth season finale of Gotham is set to air Thursday, May 17th at 8:00 on FOX.

One of the pressing issues is that networks are looking for more in-house content, especially over at FOX in light of the Disney and 20th Century FOX merger. It struggled to pull in the DC Comics fans despite stellar writing and out-of-the-park acting performances.

The renewal is a little bit of a surprise considering that Gotham hasn't been at its most fabulous - in terms of ratings, at least - this season.