FBI Issues Warning After Russia Malware Attacks: 'Reboot Your Routers'

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The FBI wants anyone with a home or office router to turn it off, and then turn it back on.

It is not uncommon that you might need to reboot your router because of some error or bug, but it's not often that you need to reboot it in the name of national security. Also, Network devices should be upgraded to the latest available versions of firmware.

The bureau announced on Friday that the VPNFilter malware is targeting small office and home office routers.

The feds say Russian hackers may have infected it with malware.

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The FBI is urging Americans to reset their internet routers, warning that Russian hackers may have infected hundreds of thousands of the devices. VPNFilter can interfere with your router's functioning, spy on information being sent over the router, and even render it "inoperable", according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation statement about the threat. "The initial infection vector for this malware is now unknown".

VPNFilter is able to render small office and home office routers inoperable. It can also collect information that passes through the router. Among the affected networking equipment it found during its research were devices from manufacturers including Linksys, MikroTik, Netgear and TP-Link. Those who are using remote management settings on mobile devices are advised to disable them.

Breaking the connection though, is basically what you need to do, and the FBI's action in seizing the server spreading the malware means that your routers won't be reinfected once you reboot.