Where is Melania Trump? Mystery as public absence extends to 22 days

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First lady Melania Trump has been absent from the public eye for 22 days after her decision not to leave with her husband on Friday to a presidential retreat over the weekend in Camp David in Maryland.

Melania hasn't been seen in public for almost three weeks, are people are starting to question her 20-day absence.

She has not been seen in public since May 10, when she joined the president to welcome home three American detainees from North Korea.

The first lady, who underwent an embolization procedure on May 14 for a benign kidney condition, will instead stay in the White House. Last week, as questions swirled about the state of her health and the hashtag #whereisMelania trended online, she tweeted that she was "feeling great" and "working hard on behalf of children and the American people".

Melania trump, which has nearly three weeks not appeared in public yesterday finally made itself felt.

As recently as Friday, Grisham told CNN, "she is fine, she's doing great".

Right this moment marks the 24th day she has not been seen in public.

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The New York Post pointed out that she also did not travel with the president to Tennessee or Texas, his other destinations since her surgery.

She had a top secret nip and tuck and will come back looking very ... refreshed.

Meanwhile, another tweet started doing the rounds online.in which every first letter of, her sentences spelled the word "HELP".

The White House did not allow journalists to cover the Gold Star event out of respect for the families, which meant Melania Trump was seen in person only by the 40 or so families and administration officials who attended.

Whatever the reason for her lengthy seclusion, those starting to suspect that the First Lady has disappeared altogether will at least have their concerns put to rest. Her prolonged absence has many wondering whether or not we're being given the whole story and concerned about her well-being.

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director, told ABC News that the first lady will be skipping the trips.