Warriors beat Cavaliers to close in on second straight title

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That was all the space he needed. Their third-quarter excellence is fast becoming the stuff of legend, an uncanny ability to turn on self-fuelled engines at their choosing, lulling opponents for the first two quarters into believing they stand a chance, only to have those hopes dashed against the rocky shores of Steph Curry's and Klay Thompson's long-range shooting.

It's a notion that later made Durant laugh.

It was the definition of a dagger.

Another momentous shot for Durant.

The box score told a big part of the story - 43 points on only 23 shots, with 13 rebounds and seven assists.

The 12-point margin represented the biggest lead of the series for the Cavaliers at the time.

There are nights when the Warriors win by the grace of their fluid offensive scheme, and others when they rely on the singular exploits of Kevin Durant.

"I think there is a good chance he'll play", Kerr said at the midday shootaround.

This night, though, some of them came with the package. He was his best self, and he played within the Warriors system.

The NBA's drama machine has been cranking at a high level in the NBA Finals, so much so that even Cleveland's Kendrick Perkins has been ensnared in the mix despite being inactive.

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CLEVELAND (AP) - This was not exactly the same shot from Kevin Durant. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined to shoot 3-for-15 in the first half. Abdul-Jabbar was on hand for Game 3 as a guest of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to see James break the tie.

"Devastating" is one way to describe it.

The Warriors signed Durant as a free agent after losing to Cleveland 4-3 in the best-of-7 2016 NBA Finals. "But we've got to come out and got to play 48 minutes". "When a guy like Kevin Durant is hitting these shots, it's a joy to watch".

"We got stagnant", Love said.

What's incredible about these Warriors - what's historic about these Warriors, and perhaps could make them go down as the greatest National Basketball Association dynasty of all time - is how many different ways they can beat you, and how they can beat you when they're not at their best, or even close to their best. "In some cases, you have to be nearly flawless".

"It's an important conversation, but you can't control what other people try to do, or try to control the narrative or things like that", Curry said.

The Cavs have to be asking themselves what they must do to beat these guys. "So when you're able to either force a miscue on them, you have to be able to capitalize and you have to be so in tuned and razor sharp and focused every single possession". "Going down 3-0 is bad situation". But calling it a blowout is not entirely accurate. What, you expected us to take this year's version after what he did in Game 1 of the Finals?

Well, right about now, it's going to take something like Michael, Magic, Larry and Wilt in their primes to keep the Cavs afloat. "If we win tonight, then we knot it up at 2-2". It was his most playing time since logging 19 minutes in Game 2 of the first round against San Antonio, and it also showed Kerr will reward players who deliver like McGee did in Game 1 of this series with his play on both ends of the court in the third quarter to spark Golden State.

And that's how we'll remember these Warriors: Even when they're not at their best, they are still the best, and by a pretty wide margin.