Indonesian woman found in giant python's belly, SE Asia News & Top Stories

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The village subsequently launched a search for her but were horrified to find the python with a severely bloated belly just 50 yards from the garden.

Her head was towards the snake's tail and her feet at its mouth - showing that she had been swallowed head first.

A 23-foot-long python is to blame after a 54-year-old woman went missing from her Indonesian village Thursday (June 14), according to The Los Angeles Times, citing a local official.

While the knife that Wa Tiba had gone out with the previous evening was found on the floor - suggesting she had dropped it after being struck with deadly power by the killer python.

On Friday, her family went to look for her at the garden but found only her belongings, including sandals and a flashlight.

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The victim's dead body was discovered intact from the belly of the seven-meter long python after villagers killed the animal and dissected it.

Suspecting that the snake has swallowed the victim, the residents killed it and carried out of the garden.

A young farmer was swallowed by an enormous killer snake in March previous year after harvesting a rubber plantation.

In a similar occurrence, a man was also reportedly swallowed by a snake at a palm oil plantation in West Sulawesi in March 2017. Their suspicions proved correct as the human body was found inside its belly. The wild creature had swallowed Tiba as a whole. Staying in the same region as that of a big python is never advised as these natural constrictors when coming in contact with humans will exhibit their natural behaviour.