Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort files request to hire 61 foreign workers

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President Trump's Mar-a-Lago applied to hire 40 additional foreign workers, according to documents released by the government this week.

Its ironical how Trump, whose contempt for immigrants is really no secret, whose presidential campaign was full of promises to bring back American jobs and whose treatment of asylum-seekers has been regarded as a humanitarian crisis - is looking for foreign workers to staff his very own property. The ads were posted a week after the president's resort asked the Labor Department for permission to hire 70 foreign workers, which was granted last November.

These so-called H-2B visas are only issued if employers can prove that there aren't enough "able, willing, qualified and available" American workers to perform the jobs in question, and demonstrate that the arrival of foreign workers "will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed US workers, according to the Department of Labor".

Trump is a regular weekend visitor to Mar-a-Lago, which he dubbed "the Winter White House". The nearby Everglades Club - known for being more private in its affairs and restrictive in its admissions than Trump's club - also posted an application seeking to hire 15 foreign cooks for the coming season, at the same salary as Trump's club. Furthermore, The New Yorker reported this March, "Since 2010 Mar-a-Lago alone has obtained a total of 500 H-2B visas for seasonal foreign workers". 40 of the visas were for servers, while 21 were for cooks.

Another was the Salvation Army, which in the past, held charitable events at both The Breakers and Mar-a-Lago.

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The latest request sets the wages at $12.68 per hour for the servers and $13.31 for the cooks.

Other Trump businesses have hired foreign workers for temporary jobs. "They can't get people George".

In 2017, Trump urged employers to "hire American" in his inaugural address before turning around, raising the national cap on H-2 visas issued yearly, and then nearly immediately applying for 76 new foreign-worker jobs at Mar-a-Lago.

Mar-a-Lago's competitors in Palm Beach, including other social clubs and hotels, have also used foreign labor. And the Trump Winery near Charlottesville sought to employ 23 foreigners.