NIKE, Jordan Brand To Cut Ties With Kawhi Leonard

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Kawhi Leonard's mysterious thigh injury was enough to keep him keep him shelved for nearly all of last season, as he engaged in an increasingly acrimonious standoff with the Spurs that resulted in his trade last week to the Raptors.

Before the Toronto deal, sources had said that Leonard was seriously considering participating as a means to showcase the status of his recovery to prospective trade partners.

Reacting to a report from the "San Antonio Express-News, ' 'ESPN's" Michael C. Wright said Leonard could have avoided his rift with the Spurs had he spoken up about his issues during the 2016 All-Star Weekend.

Still, Green said he wishes he would have obtained a second opinion on his injury after learning during an exit physical at the end of the season that he had been playing with a torn groin. I'd feel it. My agent (Joe Branch) said, "Maybe we should get a second opinion.' I didn't want to because I have full faith and believe in the Spurs" staff.

Leonard, who appeared in just nine games last season due to injury, was featured in Jordan Brand's "Like Mike" campaign earlier this year but he's not exactly the type of guy who is adept at marketing products, especially in the social media era. The news left fans shocked, and some angry that Leonard disregarded Robinson. They've always been great to me.

Kawhi Leonard was traded by the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors
Kawhi Leonard was traded by the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors

Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were shipped to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected 2019 first-round pick.

As recalled by the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday, Leonard originally seemed like the ideal player for a smaller-market team like the Spurs.

In some cases, the player involved is coming off of a significant injury or they are with a new team and want to prove their worth - sometimes both.

"No, Toronto isn't LA which is where you think you want to be, but if you're serious about winning titles and building on the legacy you've already begun as an National Basketball Association player, Toronto isn't a bad place to do it".

"Nobody ever talks to Kawhi to know exactly what he's thinking or what's on his mind so the best way to monitor that or gauge it is by having him in your programme".

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