Delhi Police cautions people against taking part in 'Kiki' dance challenge

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New Delhi, Jul 31 The Delhi Police today cautioned people from taking the Kiki dance challenge, saying people indulging in the act would be booked for creating nuisance on the roads.

Mumbai police took to microblogging platform Twitter to note that the dance challenge could put others' lives at risk. The track has gathered almost 82 million views on YouTube has prompted a unsafe social media dance challenge which requires the person to dance beside a moving auto and then jump back to it.

It further said, "Standing outside window or jumping out of a moving auto, train, car, or to break into a dance may seem weird".

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The Delhi Police also tweeted "Dancing on the roads can open new doors for you".

Doing the Kiki challenge could reportedly land you in jail; in Abu Dhabi, three social media celebrities were arrested after officials said their dancing "endangered lives, offended public morals and violated the traffic law". Later American footballer Odell Beckham Jr also recorded himself dancing outside his vehicle. In Spain, fans can face criminal charges for the same and Egyptian police have warned that anyone disrupting traffic could get a year in prison and a $167 fine. In hundreds of such videos that have surfaced on the internet, people are seen crashing into poles and tripping on potholes.

The impact of the challenge on the young generation is so strong that police departments around the world had to issue warnings after videos online showed dancers falling out of cars even before they started doing the dance. The challenge went more viral after Smith and Ciara posted their dance videos.