Tax-Free Weekend Approaching For Back-To-School Shoppers

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The tax holiday will last until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 5.

While Florence, S.C., is only 55 miles away and the tax-free weekend can seem tempting, people are encouraged to stay and shop local. For school supplies, each supply item must be $75 or less.

While there are many items available for purchase, there are restrictions on certain items in order for them to be exempt from the sales tax.

One change this year: Unlike in 2017, when personal computers and accessories for noncommercial use that sold for $750 or less per item were included, Florida lawmakers excluded technology items like computers, printers, computer and printer paper from this year's tax free deal.

A report, released in July by the Tax Foundation, says temporary tax exemptions are a "political gimmick" that cause more harm than good and fail to solve larger policy issues.

Many retailers said the sales tax-free weekend was their second-biggest shopping weekend of the year, behind Black Friday.

Delivery charges are still part of the sales price and are not exempt during this holiday.

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"The body had spoken", she said.

"Also, there is a perception that it is only a holiday for children and their families going back to school", he wrote, "when in reality this is for students (and families) of all ages".

Democrats have decried the holiday as an election-year gimmick.

The August tax holiday, enacted in 2005, costs the state about $3.3 million, according to August 2017 data from the Taxation and Revenue Department.

The 7.875 percent sales tax rate in Albuquerque consists of 5.125 percent New Mexico state sales tax and 2.75 percent Albuquerque tax.

"The people of OH deserve to keep more of the money they earn so that they can more easily provide these essentials for their families", said McColley.