Trump intends to force Iran "to behave as a normal country" - Pompeo

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After the official statement, the US President signed the Memorandum on the resumption of sanctions against Iran.

The tweet was reverberating across the Middle East.

U.S. officials say Mr Pompeo's speech is the latest step in a communications offensive launched by the Trump administration that is meant to foster unrest in Iran, and help pressure its government to end its nuclear programme and support of militant groups.

REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl An anti-U.S. mural is seen on a wall of a government building in central Tehran October 12, 2011.

The autarkic "resistance" model showed its limits in terms of ensuring the growth of Iran's economy and sating the demands of Iran's youthful demographic, sparking calls by factions among Iran's elites to secure foreign investments.

"Iran, and its economy, is going very bad, and fast!" he said in the same missive. "I will meet, or not meet, it doesn't matter - it is up to them!"

It's a setback in terms of tamping down tensions with the nation since Trump's both pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and ratcheted up US sanctions on Iran. The Iranian rial has fallen to 99,000 to the US dollar despite a government-imposed rate of 44,000. That's what America is trying to get Iran to stop doing.

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Even the temptation of President Trump's offer of unconditional negotiations with Tehran was officially left unanswered, as the two major factions in the regime struggle for power.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated on Sunday that he would appear at an open session of the parliament to answer questions on his cabinet's economic performance and agenda, as requested by the lawmakers.

The UK, along with China, Germany, France, Russia and the European Union are negotiating with Iran on preserving the deal.

There is a wave of protests engulfing cities and towns in Iran, with slogans demanding a change of regime because of its inability to address the financial crisis, but the demonstrators are unsure about how they can bring about change peacefully.

The U.S. has been pushing its allies to halt their import of Iranian oil ahead of the November deadline. They are asking why the national wealth has been squandered overseas on Hezbollah, and in Syria and Gaza, and they want the government to think of their own people first.

Responding to the tentative offer, IRGC-run Fars cited Jafari as saying, "Former U.S. presidents learned better than Trump that Iran and its people could not be threatened, and that they would instead close their ranks and strengthen their unity against any foreign threat and pressure". Asked if he had any preconditions for such a meeting, Trump replied, "No preconditions".