Trump attacks report that he’s anxious about son’s exposure to Mueller inquiry

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CNN reported last month that Michael Cohen, the president's longtime personal lawyer, was willing to tell Mueller that Trump did know about the Trump Tower meeting in advance.

On Sunday morning, Trump responded to reports in the Washington Post and on CNN that he was concerned Donald Jr. could be in legal trouble.

".Why aren't Mueller and the 17 Angry Democrats looking at the meetings concerning the Fake Dossier and all of the lying that went on in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ?"

Asked on Sunday why he had denied the President's involvement, one of Mr Trump's lawyers, Mr Jay Sekulow, told ABC that "I had bad information at that point".

It is, however, against the law for United States campaigns to receive donations or items of value from foreigners.

"Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don Jr attended in order to get info on an opponent", Mr Trump tweeted.

It is illegal for a campaign to accept help from a foreign person or government.

Beyond any criminal implications, a meeting such as the Trump Tower one would be of interest for counterintelligence reasons as investigators try to understand foreign efforts to penetrate an American campaign or sway public policy. So where is the truth, and why is this something President Trump would even want to focus on right now? That explanation did not last very long because then emails about that meeting came out.

And they said Trump Jr., Kushner and White House staffers had made a "full disclosure" about that session to Mueller and Congress.

"He has to stick to that part because if he says he knew about the meeting, that nearly certainly means Donald Jr. lied in front of Congress, and I think that that would nearly certainly mean that Donald Jr. would get indicted", Abrams said.

Democrats hammered away at the president's admission.

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"There is a moron on Fox claiming I chain smoke cigarettes worrying about the President's tweets". "Anybody who says they know is just guessing".

"None of this is normal or credible". On Monday night, Giuliani continued teasing the possibility of Trump talking with Mueller while attempting to severely limit the scope of their discussion. Trump has seethed against what he feels are trumped-up charges against his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, whose trial began last week and provided a visible reminder of Mueller's work.

"It depends on motives and knowledge at the time of the meeting".

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon have suggested that Trump, at a minimum, knew of the meeting soon after it took place.

In another, he expressed frustration with both the media and Mueller's probe.

He concluded the tweet by saying, "I did not know about it!"

However, Kavanaugh said in a speech at Catholic University in 2016 that USA v. Nixon was among a handful of cases that contributed to the "greatest moments in American judicial history" in which judges "stood up to the other branches, were not cowed and enforced the law".

'They purposely cause great division & distrust. But also, they didn't give us anything good, and we didn't act on it. Trump wrote. "They are very risky & sick!" A few days later, Trump tweeted the same defense.

Sekulow said those include a 2011 "business dispute" between Mueller and the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., over club fees.

Trump was joined for his Saturday rally in OH by former White House communications director Hope Hicks, who departed the administration earlier this year.

"This is just about Iranians' dissatisfaction with their own government, and the President is pretty clear, we want the Iranian people to have a strong voice in who their leadership will be".