Blizzard confirms it is working on multiple new Diablo projects

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Blizzard has been hiring new employees for their "Unannounced Diablo Project" for more than two years now.

In a new community update that begins with a mention of the current Diablo III-themed season, we get official word from Blizzard that multiple Diablo projects are in the works - and some might be further out than others. "Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year", Nevalistis said.

While she didn't reveal what are these multiple Diablo games or projects are but we are sure that one of them is Diablo 4. Camel stated that Blizzard might reveal what's in development later this year.

With games like Path of Exile eating their lunch in the dungeon crawler genre Blizzard needs to bring it. Although no game-specific details were shared, Blizzard advises that we "may" see more later this year. Descriptions such as that can apply to just about any Diablo project that Blizzard could conceivably be working on at the moment. We've heard similar rumblings of a mobile Diablo title as well, which certainly could be Blizzard's next announcement - though showing a mobile game without confirming Diablo 4 wouldn't go down super well with series fans.

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Whatever the case may be, players still don't know if this means Diablo IV is on the way.

For starters, Diablo 3 is getting "themed seasons" starting with season 14.

What do you think are the multiple projects Blizzard Entertainment is working on?