Google Play warns searchers that Fortnite "is not available"

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Epic Games has begun the beta of Fortnite on Android devices, and you can sign up and get on it today. The beta version is only open to select players only after they've been invited by the developers to download the game.

Epic Games are rolling out new Fortnite season 5 challenges this week on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The full list of now supported Samsung devices are below.

With this in mind, Reddit user /u/DocyodaX created a simple, yet effective concept of how players would obtain skins in Fortnite for their weapons, and eventually apply them. The user count of Android is much higher than iOS thus if the Play Store doesn't charges fee equal to that of Apple, it's still a great loss for the company, nearly $50 million as conveyed by data analysts.

Patrik Wilkens, vice president of mobile at Spil Games indicated towards the disadvantages by saying that, "In most markets, it would be fearless to ignore Google Play". Being unofficial, you do download at your own risk. The main disadvantage is that you make it much tougher for your game to be discovered.

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After it was found that one of the most lethal weapons 'Sniper Rifle' would make an entry in Fortnite: Battle Royale, it has been confirmed by the game maker and a video by Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks give us the glimpse of weapon's destructiveness.

The largest-growing Battle Royale game is off to repeat that popularity on mobile as well. You can't play the game until you get that invite code from Epic Games and there is no guarantee you will get a code. Due to sheer volume and variety of downloadable games on mobile platforms, cutting through the noise is nearly impossible.

Once Epic Games greenlights you, you'll receive an invitation email that will also contain a download link for the Fortnite installer app. Fortnite is one of the larger titles in Tencent's broader stable, though Honour of Kings is now the highest grossing smart phone game in China's iOS Top Grossing Chart and QQ Speed is another hugely popular game.

Epic's decision not to use the Google Play Store could be massive for Google; the company stands to miss out on at least £50 million of projected sales revenue as a result.