John McCain, 'maverick' senator, dead at 81 - Hawaii News Now

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"John McCain's life is proof that some truths are timeless".

Mr McCain died on Saturday surrounded by his family after battling brain cancer for more than a year, a short statement released by his office said. "But the progress of disease and the inexorable advance of age render their verdict".

His family announced Mr McCain, who left Washington in December, had chose to stop treatment on Friday.

A black hearse, accompanied by a police motorcade, could be seen driving away from the ranch near Sedona where McCain spent his final weeks.

Mr Trump's brief Twitter statement said "hearts and prayers" are with the McCain family. An icon. An American hero, "Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted shortly after the announcement of McCain's death".

Trump signed a military policy bill in August named for McCain, but in a sign of their testy relationship the president made no mention of McCain's name in remarks at a signing ceremony.

McCain and Palin were defeated by the Democratic candidate Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden in the 2008 presidential election.

President Trump phoned McCain's wife to offer his sympathies, but his call came after months of bitterness between the two politicians.

First lady Melania Trump thanked McCain for his service to the nation, which included more than five years as a prisoner of war and six terms in the Senate.

Trump, who received serial deferments and did not serve in the military, said that McCain was "a war hero (only) because he was captured", adding, "I like people that weren't captured".

Bush was among those expected to speak at McCain's funeral.

A pilot, he was shot down over Vietnam and held as a prisoner of war for more than five years.

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In 1986, he ran for the Senate seat vacated by longtime Republican Sen.

Here's what will happen to McCain's Senate seat.

"He also had a wicked sense of humour and it made every tense moment come out better".

From overseas, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said McCain's "lifetime of public service" was "an inspiration to millions", while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised him as "a great American patriot" whose "support for Israel never wavered". He will then lie in state in the Arizona state capitol and be buried at Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

"Last summer, Senator John McCain shared with Americans the news our family already knew: he had been diagnosed with an aggressive glioblastoma, and the prognosis was serious".

"As you go through life, you meet few truly great people". John McCain's decades of service to his country in the hours after his death Saturday.

John McCain is remembered for defending his opponent Barack Obama as a "decent family man" during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who's one of McCain's closest friends, said on Twitter that Cindy McCain "remains steadfast and is traveling every step of the way on this hard journey", and the "love provided by Meghan and the McCain children to their father has been comforting to witness".

Eight years later, here was a man who openly professed his love of money, who had avoided military service because of a foot problem he later said had healed itself, a man who bragged about greasing the wheels for his NY real estate empire by donating to both Democrats and Republicans, a man who, in short, unapologetically flouted the long-established traditions of American politics and the presidency.

McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, penned a heartfelt tribute to her dad. "He was a great fire who burned bright, and we lived in his light and warmth for so very long".

"His love and his care, ever present, always unfailing, took me from a girl to a woman - and he showed me what it is to be a man".

Political websites and newspapers will discuss his voting history and scuffles with GOP leaders; professors will debate his legacy and historical impact; and one fact seems destined to be grossed over: McCain was a boxer, and the sport played a pivotal role in creating him.