How to sign up for Microsoft’s "All Access" Xbox subscription

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If you opt out of the service before the 24-month period then you would have to pay rest of the cost of the console.

Last week we heard rumours of a new Xbox subscription service dubbed Xbox All Access. The Xbox One X package will set you back $840, while buying everything separately would cost $860.

Instead of buying the consoles and game subscriptions individually, the latest plan from Microsoft offers an all-inclusive monthly subscription with no upfront cost. As previously revealed, Xbox All Access enables anyone looking to buy an Xbox console in the U.S. to do so with no upfront cost and low monthly payments with no interest for two years. It sounded too good to be true, but, it turns out Xbox All Access is the real deal.

Joining the Xbox family seems to be Microsoft's motivation behind the new program, which can get Xbox consoles into more homes with its lower barrier of entry cost. The price is thought to start at $34.99 per month based on a subscription term of 24 months. The Xbox One X version only saves about $20.

The Xbox One X usually carries a $499 price tag, the Xbox One S is about $299 and each streaming service costs $9.99 per month, though the costs can vary depending on promotions and sign-up deals. "No leasing or renting - you own the console outright!"

"We don't have a goal of being the subscription where you get all your content".

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This should make it a lot easier to get into the Xbox ecosystem if you haven't already. For years, we've bought our phones on contracts that give us a phone, call time, SMS and data.

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In comparison, Xbox All Access would cost an accessible $35 a month.

"When we launched it, we thought an ever-increasing number of titles might be something that was really important to gamers", Decker said.