A Peek Inside A Teen Prince Harry's Eton College Dorm Room

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A throwback pic of Prince Harry in his dorm room is making headlines, thanks to a certain poster featured in the background.

The photo of an adorable, then 18, Harry, sees the royal smiling ear to ear with a stunning, framed photograph of his late mother Diana and a few school essentials.

"Well you didn't think it would have pictures of his grandmother on the wall did you!" commented another fan, Jackie Rondeau (@JackStarZ).

The photo was taken over 15 years ago during Harry's years at Eton College. "Is that Axe Body Spray?" one Twitter user wrote. Berry also tagged the American singer and rapper on her post.

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"She added the hashtag "#HalleBerryPosta", referencing a line from Missy Elliott's 2002 hit song "Work It". "You know you made it when the prince has your poster hanging up", one person tweeted.

When photos of Prince Harry's boarding school dorm room recently resurfaced, the Oscar-winning actress spotted a cutout of herself pinned to an embroidered rug on the princeling's wall and tweeted about it Wednesday.

In addition to Halle, naughty Harry had other pictures of bikini-clad women!