California Legislature Passes Bill That Would Increase Bar Hours

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Supporters of the legislation believe that if the California bill becomes law, other states may follow suit and pass their own net neutrality bills.

The California State Legislature passed what is considered the nation's toughest so-called net neutrality law on Friday, sending the bill to Gov.

The legislation, if signed into law by Gov.

The bill would prohibit internet providers from blocking or slowing data based on its content or from favoring websites or video streams from companies that pay extra. After making it through the Assembly on a 48-25 vote in May, the Senate approved it this week 25-12.

The Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, hasn't said if he will sign it. "This should send a message to other states as well as to members of Congress-Americans are serious about the importance of net neutrality, and are ready and willing to fight for their right to create, communicate, and engage online without giant ISPs serving as gatekeepers".

For example, AT&T zero-rates the DirecTV Now streaming service for its cellular customers, meaning consumers can watch programming on a mobile phone without it counting against their data caps.

Utility workers would get protections for their jobs, salaries, benefits and pensions as part of a measure allowing California power companies to raise electric bills to cover the cost of lawsuits from last year's deadly wildfires. The bill, SB822, not only restores the net neutrality rules that were put into place by former President Barack Obama, but goes even to ban internet service providers from practices like throttling in favor of select content and zero-rating services. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman appointed by President Donald Trump, pitched the repeal as a way to stop the federal government from "micromanaging the internet".

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an advocacy group that supports online privacy, called it "a victory that can be replicated".

Telecom industry groups and lobbyists warned the bill would be challenged in federal court. The rules prevented internet companies from exercising more control over what people watch and see on the internet.

Lawmakers said internet service providers had already indicated to them that they would sue to overturn a net neutrality law.

Wiener said he hopes California's potential new rules could be emulated on a national level.

The bill took a hit earlier this year when a state Assembly committee watered the bill down.

The bill, Calderon's office said in a fact sheet, defines blockchain technology for the first time, "which will provide businesses and industry greater certainty regarding the technology's legal standing".