Google Celebrates Chrome’s 10th Birthday With A New Look

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The company published an article on the official Chrome blog, Chrome's turning 10, here's what's new, in which it highlighted some of the changes in the new version. These scripts are used by web sites to mine cryptocurrency using your browser and CPU, which not only affects system performance, but could also damage your hardware after prolonged use.

Under "Updates", look for Chrome.

To celebrate the double digits birthday milestone Google has launched Chrome 69.

Indeed, the flatter, rounded design looks modern, and makes navigation easier when you have several tabs open.

The "Omnibox" URL field can search open tabs, and (in a later release) will get the ability to search the contents of your Google Drive.

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Google announced Chrome on September 2, 2008 and over the past few years it has become the world's most popular browser beating the likes of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla's Firefox.

It's for this reason that a number of Chrome developers want to come up with something new. Chrome can't actually block you from doing so. With this release, Google is using the Material Design framework across the desktop, iOS, and Android versions of Chrome. On mobile, open Apple App store or Google Play Store to update the app. "You can see it across all platforms - desktop, Android, and iOS - where you'll notice more rounded shapes, new icons, and a new colour palette", said Google. In the latter two, you'll notice that Google moved the toolbar to the bottom of the screen, so your thumbs won't have to reach so far to tap navigational commands. And you can customise the background image, too.

Chrome's also adding greater control over the shortcuts available on a new tab page, and improved accuracy for autofill forms (hopefully it will stop placing the first two lines of my address in the Address 1 form).

And finally, in terms of new up front features, Google is letting you customize the new tab page with your favorites.

More importantly, Chrome will now offer automatically generated random passwords when you sign up for websites, which should prevent you from recycling passwords - in Google's words, "so you're not using your puppy's name for all of your passwords anymore". Also clearing your browser's saved passwords and not saving credentials for unsecure HTTP pages, deleting saved open networks and not allowing automatic re-connection to networks, and changing pre-shared keys and router admin credentials as soon as possible. Google VP for Product Management Rahul Roy-Chowdhury shares the things they are cooking up in the Chrome kitchen. It said: "Imagine searching on Chrome for a singer you just heard, and having Chrome show you not just their bio, but also their upcoming concert near you and where to purchase tickets". Chrome 69 will require its users to manually activate Flash every time they visit a particular website instead of being able to enable it once per site.